School Profile

  Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software is a full-time private institute registered by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is located in the Ahead Maker Town, Wanli District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It was founded by Jiangxi Ahead Software Co. Ltd., which is the only one of the top 100 national software enterprises in Jiangxi Province. The Institute adheres to the motto of “Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Knowledge and Management” and implements management pattern that is institute-industry integration and interaction, and is committed to train information technology talents.

  The Institute has 7,391 full-time students, covers an area of 1,732 mu(one mu is 0.0667 hectares), and has more than 300,000 square meters building on campus. It has established 4 experimental training buildings, 53 experimental training rooms and R&D centers. Relying on Ahead Software Co. Ltd. and other domestic and foreign software companies, the Institute now has established more than 100 stable off-campus internship training bases. The Institute now has over 500 full-time teachers. It covers three discipline fields, such as engineering, management and art, which forms a group of disciplines with the speciality of information technology as the main characteristics.

  The Institute was awarded the National Software Talent International Training institution (Nanchang) by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. The Mobile Internet APP Technology Center has been identified by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education as the Collaborative Innovation Center of Jiangxi Province in 2011. Jiangxi Provincial Information Industry Civil-Military Integration Innovation Office, Energy Internet Demonstration Base, E-sports Talent Training Base, Digital Publishing Base, Service Outsourcing Base and Domestic Collaborative Innovation Software Center, VR Engineering Center, VR Research Center, Blockchain Technology and Application R&D Center and so on are all established on campus.

  Applied by Jiangxi Provincial People's Government and approved by the Ministry of Education, of the People’s Republic of China, Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software was successfully upgraded to university on December 18, 2018.

  According to the “Comment of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government on the Approval of the Establishment of Jiangxi Information Engineering University (Private School) on the basis of Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software” (Jiangxi Government letter [2017] No. 24), “Submission for the Pilot Implementation Plan of the Reform of Undergraduate in two Private Vocational Institutes in Jiangxi Province” (Jiangxi Jiaowen [2018] No. 239) and “Request for Approval from the Ministry of Education to Upgrade Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software to a professional undergraduate institution and change its name to Jiangxi University of Software Technology” (Jiangxi Jiaowen [2018] No. 245), approved by the Ministry of Education, Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software was upgraded to an undergraduate level institution. The institution is named as Jiangxi Software Vocational University (undergraduate). Before May 30, 2019 , after evaluation and guidance by Jiangxi Provincial Government, the Ministry of Education will approve the institution to change its name to Jiangxi University of Software Technology.

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